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you know how I feel.
"a modest proposal", "nakedpikades", "throwing", 'cannibal holocaust', a good frolick, alice in wonderland, analyzing advertising, androgynous people, big fat animals, big storms, blava, blueberries, bodies, body modification, bowling, bruce campbell, carnage, cerial at 3 am, champscott, charles bukowski, child development, closets, collar bones, commentary, condemned buildings, cooking, deformities, drunken ramblings, duck boots, emperor joshua norton i, exotic meats, exploding sharks, fair warning, fall, fetish shops, fiber-fun-tastic tunes, fightclub, fighting, fighting like real men, filth, fish, food made with love, gamer nerds, ghost busters, giant furniture, giving exactly 37%, glass shattering, gluttony, goats, hair cutting, hungry hats, inaccurate reminiscing, inescapable eccentricities, inside jokes, jargon scott, joy, juice boxes, kids in the hall, knitting, lions, loony toons involving hitler, loud arguments, merciless young ladies, moscow, mr. nougat, muse, my roof, nailbats, new england sarcasm, nick cave, not vomiting, officer garen chivinski, oh mallard, old scifi movies, other peoples cats, other peoples problems, out-dated vendettas, pants with pockets, pedro the lion, pigs, pixie-faries, plastic forks, ponsie whiteman & kerosene, postcoital depression, raising animals, ren & stimpy, revolutions, rows of white cars, scary christians, schadenfreude, showers, sifl and olly, sleep, sleep deprovation, social drama, songs: ohia, stars, sudbury valley school, tediousness, the abnormal, the bran flakes, the first three days, the tiger lillies, tom waits, uprisings, urban exploration, veruca the hookah, waisted efforts, walking at night, watching old people eat, waxing, weird asain fruit, wrath, writing letters, youth, zorak's nephew raymond, zwittrig