Alexandra (apiphobic) wrote,

So Cali

SoCali: like your profile what's goin on? ;D

me: That should be two separate sentences.

SoCali:Haha.... yes it should be. Thank you for stating the obvious professor. Are you done srutinizing my typing yet? Or would you like to school on doting my i's and crossing my t's...

me: Dotting my Is. And no. That's what a tittle is, afterall.

SoCali: Hmmm... I don't think I like how smart you are.

me: Ooh. Well good luck out there.

SoCali: Haha... I was kidding smarty pants. I find intelligent people very interesting. So what's up, performing any neuro brain surgery or flying a rocket to the moon today?

me: hahaha. no one's still using rockets.

SoCali: They actual undoubtedly still do use rockets Einstein, they are just propelled differently than models in prior years/prototypes. Nice try though. Perhaps you're not as intelligent as you think. I'd stay in school if I were you, maybe you'll learn something.

me: Right, of course. I meant no one who's anyone is still using a rocket. Anyone worth their salt's going for at-will teleportation, which makes rockets about as obsolete as the memo you didn't get.


At least I'm smart enough to detect a chain yank.

SoCali: Ahh at-will teleportation... You are from this century and relize that's just a theory right? Again nice try. Come up with something real to debate about genius.
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