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my knee hurts.

it felt a little funny last week. sort of feeble, and getting up and down stairs seemed like more effort than it ought to be, but I figured it was due to succumbing to the heat and being a layabout for a few straight days.

then Thursday when I placed my right foot to the pavement in front of a Trader Joe's, I shock of pain travelled down my leg. sharp as nails on a chalkboard. but the pain came and went, and was only mildly irritating for the most part until sunday night. I was feeling listless and realized I hadn't gotten much in the way of exercise recently. I thought it would help the knee to see some use, and I know a variety of other complaints of mine vanish when I tear myself away from my beloved loafing.

I grabbed Lawrence and we walked from JP to Grasshopper, around Allston and Brighton, and most of the way back.
by the end of this I had to walk with a limp and sort of a pathetic gait. it felt better in the morning, so I biked from Jp to somerville. it actually felt fine for the whole bike ride. it still hurt that day, but not badly.

Tuesday I went to Ogunquit Main with my mom. we did a lot of walking, and it became clear that my knee is made worse by walking, not better. going up hills seems to be fine, walking on flat ground is a tossup, and walking down hill is excruciating. I made her stop at a pharmacy on the way home so I could get some sort of brace, which helps a bit.

all the more reason to start work on my human saddle, I guess. god damnit anyway.
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