Alexandra (apiphobic) wrote,



I punched my teddy bear and it ran away..Can I cuddle with you instead?
you already used that on me
oh well
that is so lame, dude.
you're lame dude
I don't use the same stupid line on anyone let alone the same girl twice.
who caares if it didnt work the first time right? :P
do you see where I'm coming from? lol
well.. you should, maybe?
if your game's stale?
that's kind of a thing

I mean, it's like a 5:1 sausagefest
yeah you siad that too
so why even try, huh?

why out much effort in
yeah, call/text me 262.***.4405 or add me on fb if you wish to get to know me better
why should I do all the work
help me help you :P
on someone who not only used a (bad) line on me that he clearly uses on everyone
but did it to me TWICE.

you're not real to me yet...
why grant you existence?
what would I go for that when, like you said, it's 5:1, and I have plenty of options.
enough said then...
ok so--- your approach is to use a shitty line, and then underscore the fact that there are other options
would you think that's a good idea

if you want to get to know me, I will explain why I'm worth your time
but you have to show that
ok so
text me
if you were cool, you'd just... be awesome.

you can answer that
oh really? :P
you don't "save" awesomeness.
maybe I am to real people...
yeah, but probably not.
you can think what you like...
oh man I am going to continue to do that.
i don't know what else to say...
that's the point, isn't it.
i guess so
if you figure out some things to say, you'll have better luck with ladies.
actually, if you figure out how to figure out what to say.
if that makes sense.

why try so hard w/ fake girls with 10 little dicks poking them a day>
I mean get real...I'm not dumb like your winners
you mean you're not trying
and that's the point.

I me out
that is if you are interested
yeah, actually, I am if you are willing to hear what I have to say
I read what you typed
so-- a line might work if it's really REALLY cute or clever, but not really ever online.
sorry lol
unless the person you're saying it to is already very attracted to you.

please forgive me
no forgiveness needed. but it's not working, you know?

I'll rely on that and fuck the rest...
i do fine
so it is working for you then

it's just this website is smothered w. cock
the dating pool is smothered with cock.
nah not this bad
and with unattractive people.
yeah and females with out of proportion egos lol
and uninteresting people, and unintelligent people

it's OKC!
I am well aware
my ego is not out of proportion. I'm offering you help from a woman's perspective, and you are not taking it.
tis why I go on 2x a week now
who's got the out of proportion ego?
most every female on okc
it's that everyone is snoody, cause it can't be that you're inadequate
good luck out there.

choke on it and I hope you get herpes slutbag ;)
see who sticks around on your ass :P
that's when the fallacy ends!
I'm not too worried about it.
cause my game is flawless in attracting the sort of people I like and admire.
and you have "I punched my teddy bear"
I guess that's 1/2 true for me
you're unwilling to listen, and you just wished an STD on me. and before you even got to know the REAL me too. tsk
haha I told you
you're not REAL to me
tis why I don't feel bad at all abotu it
I don't feel bad about it either.
I'm just observing it be pathetic.

you shouldnt
well my messages were dropped, I'll see what happenes in a couple days
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