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More creepy finds on OKC

Dec. 20
So, I was playing with my favorites list, and adding some interesting people to it. To my dismay, it seems we can add people to favorites list without notifying or getting approved from the other side. So in essence, A seemingly harmless feature can be turned into a stalking tool. This, my friends, could get really disturbing.

Food for thought...


me: I guess, but if you're really so afraid of that sort of thing, maybe the internet is not the place for you. if they ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable, you can always block them.

random user: I've had a few I had to block.

guytittlefly: My... so by your logic maybe we all should give in to terrorists' demands because we are afraid of dying as a result of their horrific acts? Perhaps we all should lay down and let others walk all over us unconditionally to avoid conflicts, and that would be your method to achieve world peace? Would you personally want to live in such condition? Do you even realize how utterly ridiculous your suggestion is? Oh wait, you must be trolling. But seriously? Trolling users on a dating site? How big of a handicap do you need to troll? You must be familiar with failtroll.jpg Trolling aside, blocking people or black listing is but a band-aid to badly designed software. And in this post, I'm simply pointing out defective designs. The concept probably gone "whoosh" over your head.

random user 2: hmm..veeery interesting.

me: how is that my logic? how is being in the habit of not posting private information you would not be comfortable with strangers knowing in a place as public as this site even remotely the same as giving into the demands of terrorists? I am not trolling. I am offering advice. while getting crazy stalkers off a site like this would be awesome, and "fair", it's unrealistic. what you can do is limit the information you offer to people you don't know.

me: if you were to post failtroll.jpg in retaliation to my comment, someone would have to make a failfailtroll.jpg, and the internet might implode. is that what you want?
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