Alexandra (apiphobic) wrote,


Dec. 7, 2010 – 1:48pm
I'm an animation student as well!
Let's have an animation battle!

The loser will be shred to bits and sacrificed to Moloch

I watched the sea. I think you win. I don't know how to do flash, only old school stuff. my focus is in stop motion.

consider my hat tipped to you.

than you kindly!
Stop motion is awesome, I like using it as well
But I don't really try to focus on one thing, just wanna try as many things as possible.

I do too. I do a bunch of other stuff, like drawing, painting, mixed-media sculpture, knitting, and sewing--- but for the moment, stop motion is sort of my jam.
I can stay hunched over a set for a good 20 hours at a time, but I get antsy if I sit in front of a screen too long.

I love your stuff.

Do you got any of those things online?
I'd love to see them

And thanksss.. I still need to put my latest work on my website though, called "Furbaby Loves You", I already have it on my newgrounds account but I'm just far too lazy to update my own website, lol.

this is the first one I did, before I had any sense of timing.

I always love morphs
I especially liked the part where the bunnyface puked out a stream of bunny parts around 0:05

I'd like to redo that one now that I have some chops. might be a nice way to close out my art-school career.
where do you shoot your stuff?

Sometimes in my own apartment, sometimes at my parents' home.

I wish I had a studio, that would've made everything so much easier.

Actually, I could always make my own studio out of the bones of dead little orphans

dead large orphans would be more effective, no?

Yes, but I'm a very patient man.
With tons of dead children and a whole lot of duct tape i will make a structure so damn magnificent it will make the Kostnice Ossuary of Czech look like shit

you should lure them away with a song promising freedom from vegetables, bedtimes and baths. it won't be a total lie.

I could tell them that I would reunite them with their parents.
Which will be true because after I made the walls of the house out of their bones I am planning to use their dead parents' skin as wallpaper.

cartoons: made for kids, made out of kids.

Stop motion done with a human corpse would be rather fascinating

And illegal

Which is both good
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oh man... animating a person without all that pesky pixilation? plus bonus time-laps rot? it must be Christmas.

I wish David Attenborough would make a documentary about what living creatures dwell within a human corpse, and that he would hire me for time-lapsing the rotting corpse and other fancy effects

That would be swell
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