Alexandra (apiphobic) wrote,


katie fucking moved all her shit into my room without talking to me about it. she basically left me a voicemail that said "I'm doing this hope it's ok bye".

I understand that I was unreachable. I was on the cape with my Mother, my phone charger didn't work, and there were citywide problems with internet connections (though Temple's phone got facebook once or twice for some reason)

but she's moved into the room I was planning on moving into. a room I have had my eye on and planned on taking for months.
I know she wanted to get it done before burning man, but it's not like anyone's moving in here. there's no reason it couldn't have been packed and stored here until she got back.

meanwhile, the person in the room I guess I'm moving into now can't move until the 31st, so the truck I have arranged for this afternoon with my housemate and the weekend I had planned to devote to moving are useless for me. I'm still going to help Amanda and Christina move, but now I have to make additional plans and devote at least an entire extra day--- not to mention the days in between where I will be living out of boxes--- to moving.

now she's off to burning man and my options are sort something out for next week and just sit with the fact she took my room with absolutely no regard for how I would feel about it and messed up my moving plans, or passive-aggressively move her things into another room while she's gone and has no say.
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