Alexandra (apiphobic) wrote,

Seattle so far is amazing. I know very little about the city itself, but I'd have a hard time coming up with a more appealing setting, or more agreeable company.

Lowell picked me up at the airport bout 11:30a seattle time. since there is nothing mistakable about Lowell's general appearance (despite not seeing him since sudbury valley times) I greeted him with a running jump of a hug.
he smells exactly the same.

the car ride home was like being 15 again.

I caught myself maybe 2 hours of sleep before getting up this morning. by the time I was seated on the jet, I think I wore the look of a person the split second they get hit in the head with a pipe by someone they had until that point trusted. all wide eyed and unsure of beliefs.

I accepted the complimentary coffee and instantly fell into pleasant dreams about driving to California, having lovely conversation and taking endless exits that lead to more exits on sort of a slow moving mario cart-like highway. I chatted with the nice woman sitting in my row, and the strange, wide man separating us. the coffee and sun had made me aggravated and dry, and I couldn't really be satisfied by any of the activities I had brought along for the trip for more than 5 minutes for the duration of the flight.

accept at the end. at the end, there were hell of mountains, and lush greenery to wring out my 5 hour flight woes.

when I arrived here, it was sunny and fucking beautiful. Lowell, Vincent and Anna came to greet me and whisk me away to the marina I'm staying at at the moment. it's a junk yard of a place. the last stop for most vessels, but they're doing wonders with it. I knew they were working on a boat, but I had no idea it would be so big, or just how much work they had done on it. thing's downright majestic.

the dumpstering here knocks the socks and skivies off anything on the east coast. there are crates and crates of food and goods downstairs. one of the first things when I arrived here was Nathie handing me a cartoonishly large plate of food (I've been working on it since.)

another nap. this time dreams about riding a forklift around a raining street singing sea shanties, and doing some work on the boat. actually, I think I'll be getting back to that now.
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