Alexandra (apiphobic) wrote,

dust off those journaling fingers, kid. it's spring time.

my review board is tomorrow. this was a very important and ultimately productive semester, but I don't know how it will go. it was this semester that I decided I wanted to focus on animation, and the work that I have done and polished will get me pretty far.

I dropped a figure painting course because if I'm being honest with myself figure painting is never anything I will find more than passively interesting. I continued to paint on my own, and devoted the extra day to working on animation stuff for one or the other of my classes. I've never dropped a class before, but I've also never been in a class that has ended with more than two thirds of the students it started with.

unfortunately, I'm well behind on my stop motion project. my team mates turned out to be incredibly unreliable, and all of the work accept one puppet has fallen to me.
I just hope that my reviewers understands that the semester is not over for me.
I might actually take that class again over the summer, but condensed into five all day sessions.
cause that sounds amazing.

a man on the street is passionately stating the words to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi in a manner that is almost but not quite yelling. JP is once again alive and thriving.

it is beautiful.

I am so sick.
my throat is raw and bloodied from coughing. my nose and eyes are working tirelessly to fill a vessel that does not exist.
I guess I deserve it for making minimum payments on sleep and spending weeks at a time in dark rooms.

a boy I like brought me cookies and ginger ale to ease my fever pains.
it did. it was just as sweet as the treats themselves.
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